OmSingles.com is more than a dating site. It is a progressively-minded and unique experience in online dating. It is also a culture and movement. OmSingles.com goes beyond the scope of a dating site, aiming to unite and empower like-minded singles from around the world.

OmSingles.com is New and Growing! Joining at this stage enables our members to become part of a strong foundation and pool of creative, exciting individuals who trust in the name and process for cultivating relationships.

OmSingles.com stands for Own Your Truth, taking its members deeper than the mass market motion and instant gratification of traditional dating sites. OmSingles.com utilizes the powerful energies of Vision, Intention, Creativity and Manifestation.

Authentic, attractive, exciting, expressive “zen” minded people, who often practice yoga and a healthy lifestyle, are given a platform for unique and creative expression as a powerful first step towards activating Destiny. Destiny works where there is strong energy, vision and like-minded intention.

What transpires as a result of joining this powerful magnetic energy field?

  • Love connections from around the world
  • Greater self understanding, connection, empowerment and discovery
  • Release of personal expression, desire and creativity
  • Shared validation among a like-minded audience who relate to a similar life experience
  • Endless possibility consistent with the member’s level of participation and communication
  • Insights in to creativity and expansiveness due to the strong creative field of like-minded energy that exists within the site

How to use OmSingles.com:

  • Sign up through the questionnaire and connect to your intentions
  • Conduct GENERAL SEARCHES to start. Read through other profiles and recognize similar dreams and desires
  • Communicate with each other. Validate each other. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of communicating with like-minded people in one unique venue
  • Experience the growth and expansion occurring as the vibe of Omsingles.com continues to spread attracting many others
  • Watch for exciting new contributors, members, website content and interactive sections
  • Become part of the culture that will expand
  • Embrace the journey!


Sample Question:

If you could CREATE a new future for the world, how would it look?

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