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Today’s status: 100 million singles seeking to find happy relationships.
Today’s approach: 50 million singles use dating websites in search of LOVE.
OmSingles.com position: To offer a new and uniquely-creative online approach to love and happiness.
And to create positive change in today’s social culture.

  • Expose your brand to a captive worldwide singles’ market
  • Show Support in helping to unite singles’ worldwide
  • Make a difference in the world today
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OmSingles.com offers a worldwide platform to help enhance and activate people’s destiny in relationships.
Advertising and supporting in this platform can, in return, help and activate your brand’s destiny. How? By aligning with a movement and culture that promotes love, unity, self empowerment and healthier, more authentic relationships!

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OmSingles.com demographic

A fact to consider

  • 18-70 years old
  • International audience
  • Like-minded singles interested in a healthy lifestyle, love, yoga, creativity, wellness, beauty, fashion, and personal growth and development.
  • 2001: 4,3 Million people interested in yoga
  • 2012: 16,3 Million people interested in yoga and living a yoga lifestyle


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