A power or agency that pre-determines and orders the course of events…

Destiny is also a manifestation of the Will

Are you looking for your soul mate or destiny mate? Do you know the difference?

Soul mates conjure up images from the past. Destiny mates probe in to future.

OmSingles.com probes in to future. This is why we are all here. To create a future that is better than right now and to create a future that is aligned with who you are at your greatest potential! We believe in the power of setting intention to bring you results. Our intention is to create a high-quality, like-minded exciting website where members from all over the world can feel safe, empowered and validated in a shared mentality and ambiance for love.

Like Destiny, it is inevitable and unavoidable that you will find results on�OmSingles.com. Our members initially join the site because they are attracted to the name. Our name says we know you, and we are like you. But beyond that, we aim to create a unique experience that delves deeper than the vision of any other dating website. We infuse our site with seed-planting energy that will sprout in to the appropriate result when met with the right conditions. All of our members comprise the right conditions and the purpose of our site plants the seeds. The timing of the universe will coincide to make it all happen. We want you to trust in that!

Our logo “own your truth” says we also want you to know who you are and to believe in yourself, because it is perfect and essential to manifesting healthy love. Our questions connect self to self as well as self to other. They probe in to future and help our members create visions of possibility. These possibilities project in to the future to produce a flow of events.

These flow of events travel beyond an immediate frame of reference. As does love. Unlike other dating websites, we hope you will not limit your love potential to a list of statistics. We encourage an open path and an open journey of magical happenstance.

Together we are strong!
And together we aim to build a culture beyond dating, beyond limit and definitely beyond mainstream measure.

Destiny is also a choice!

Sample Question:
What does DESTINY mean to you? Is it far away, or right in front of you?

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