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Linda Maglionico


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New York

Linda Maglionico
  • What is great about your city and LOVE?

    New York is a city of potential and possibility, where people achieve dreams and persevere. Love is the energy of the universe, and the Divine, that exists within all things. Its not sugary love but the energy of sustenance, fruitfulness, of wisdom and peace, joy, freedom, compassion and authenticity.

  • What is your "calling" or "higher purpose"?

    o help people return to being whole and integrate the parts they judge as unworthy enabling them to live in harmony. As a coach and spiritual counselor, I guide people on a journey to rediscover the sacred within, helping them remove the blindfold that separates them from the divine in the world.
  • How do you inspire people to discover their "calling" or "higher purpose"?

I employ several techniques to unlock visions of their biggest dreams while strategically removing obstacles. I help people open their hearts and consciousness to speak to their innate divinity. I inspire people by being true to what matters most to me. I am ardently devoted to my vision of healing the Earth by helping heal its occupants.

  • How are you unique in your approach to help unite people in to relationship?

Everything that happens is directly related to an inner experience. Relationships help people return to an inner sense of wholeness, since we are mirrors for each other. Only through committed, conscious relationships can people grow and heal. To foster the alchemical healing of a relationship, its important to clear out clutter. We must first know ourselves. My work moves people into a place of power to choose wisely.

  • How do you see our culture changing as it relates to relationship?

Marriage is no longer a rigid institution but a psychological, spiritual process providing a deeper look at who we are becoming. It can be a gift for healing and the remedy to return to our innate joyful state. Marriage contains the ingredients needed in growth and healing: attention, concentration, security, time, deepest intimacy and the full mirroring of ourselves through our partner. Divorce may allow people to escape from bad marriages, but until we learn who we are and what were all about, we will continue to have desperate singles, angry divorcés, joyless marriages, troubled children and a society becoming more dysfunctional.

  • What is Creative Love to you?

Creativity in a relationship gives birth to ideas, alternatives, potentials and possibilities. To be creative, view things in new ways or from a different perspective. Creativity is an important quality to experience in a relationship, since it helps promote understanding, compassion and empathy, as well as propels us forward on our journey.

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