C R E A T I V E  E N E R G Y


Formula for love

The name ‘omsingles.com’ in itself indicates a different and unique atmosphere for cultivating love, connection and relationships worldwide. Its essence, as well as universal formula for success, is based on the power of CREATIVE ENERGY.

Creative Energy is typically described as a source “beyond and veiled by consciousness,”…”lying behind the spacious stillness within”…”an ocean of bliss and light.” Creative energy opens new doors of opportunity and utilizes powers of synchronicity and karma/destiny. It is best sourced in “emptiness”…also known as that blank sheet of paper or formless lump of clay. Creative energy is also responsible for superhuman feats of strength.

To omsingles.com, this power is sourced online through a strategic approach that is dedicated to attracting love, empowering like-minded individuals and uniting souls worldwide. By providing a portal for this form of expression and receptivity, a unique connective experience occurs that transcends logic, geography and other forms of tangible matter that often obscure or block the potentials for love, evident today by the hundreds of millions of singles’ struggling to find their happy match today.
Omsingles.com aims to unblock some of those blocks.

Profiles that showcase spirit and creativity are displayed with greater importance than statistical information enabling a sensory process and opportunity for emotion, familiarity and intuition to occur as a first step. We believe that, in the arena of love, there are no wrong answers and therefore designed a questionnaire and profile template to reflect the innate beauty in all. Even if a member identifies themselves mostly with a professional title, we ask for a creative identity as well igniting that creative process that works in greater capacity to attract its other half on the other side. Guided by creative strength and good timing, omsingles.com differentiates itself in the industry and provides an important resource for universal validation, empowerment and unity to a strong demographic of singles searching online for love and hope!

Sample Question
If you could CREATE a new rule for dating, what would it be?

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