Dating for the zen-minded culture.

Zen is described as:

A way of being. A state of mind. A place of enlightenment.

Peace. Cool. Creative. Calm. Chill. Karma. Nirvana. Relaxed. Focus. Happy.

This is what you’ll get at OmSingles.com

OmSingles.com is a new dating and love-oriented website incorporating the above-referenced words in to a virtual, online community experience that attracts like-minded members worldwide. OmSingles.com understands the unique needs of this fast-growing community and shares its language, proudly and loudly! At OmSingles.com we aim to empower our members, validate their values and unite them with another individual of shared mentality. Our creative energetic process is based on a powerful truth similar to “it takes one to know one” which carries a strong magnetic attracting force that is capable of drawing in large numbers of like-minded people throughout the world. OmSingles.com has developed a sophisticated and creative, unique resource incapable of duplication by other dating sites in the marketplace. Plus, we know our members would not want to join those other mainstream sites. They don’t speak our language! OmSingles.com stands for a different life experience, a different process and a different approach to not only love, but life itself.

As a first step in connecting to our process and a potential soul partner, OmSingles.com takes you through an insightful journey and questionnaire that provides the opportunity for self-discovery and reflection. Questions such as “are you inspired in life…what is your most connective spiritual practice…and, when do you feel most connected to your true self” begin to build each member’s personal energy field on the site. In addition, an innovative display photo and layout featuring a zodiac sign, professional and creative title, add to enhance the creative portrayal of our members. As our members journey through the explorative questions, energy is released and destiny begins. Rather than staging “dates,” we showcase energy, spirit, attitude, level of evolution, creativity, inner and outer beauty. This sparks a widespread curiosity and recognition among members that ignites interest, intrigue and further exploration worldwide.

On a secondary level, OmSingles.com empowers a like-minded zen community. Too often in the mainstream world today, creativity is obscured, minimizing its power and window of potential and exposure. OmSingles.com opens that window allowing its energy to fully express itself and reach its destined potential. Because like-minded individuals seek familiarity, support and shared understanding, OmSingles.com provides a valuable resource and opportunity for greater universal love and unity, as well as greater expansiveness for this unique and important field of beauty and expression.

Membership levels on OmSingles.com vary. We are a new site, growing each day and working hard to increase our membership numbers and match potentials. We offer the opportunity for free browsing or highly affordable 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month options. 

OmSingles.com recently celebrated an exciting success story of two members uniting in marriage! They lived in different countries, yet bonded very quickly through the Omsingles.com process, proving our theory that like-minded souls, destined to be together, will quickly come to know that on our venue! We seek thousands of similar success stories, celebrations, shared bonding, and universal love stories. We also seek synchronicity and aligned marketing efforts with similarly-goaled organizations, like-minded collaboration and contribution as well as media exposure. Most of all, we strive to be the voice of the creative community and hope the community in turn “shares the love” about OmSingles.com recognizing it as its important portal for expression, life, love, unity and shared support. Together, we are strong!


OmSingles.com team.

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