Featured Contributor: Co-Founder Yogi TimesSophie Parienti

Sophie Parienti

Co-Founder of Yogi Times

"It is what it is and love is what is"

Bali - Los Angeles - Antibes

Where are you from and what brought you to the US?
I was born in Bordeaux France, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue my burning desire to explore the world. Traveling is an essential part of my spiritual practice. It keeps me connected to the humbling fact that we are more similar than different as human beings regardless of our ethnic and cultural background.

Describe the passion you have for Yogi Times and its mission:
It goes beyond passion and in to DEVOTION! My husband and I created Yogi Times as a modality to express our creativity while making a difference in people's life. What we learn, we share. Yogi Times' mission is to offer the community the opportunity to participate creatively to a worldwide media. All the content, photography, and marketing is created by the community. We love the internet version as we are no longer cutting trees and the outreach is limitless...

How would you define your yogi lifestyle?
We walk the talk. We use NVC (non violent communication) as a mode of expression in our family. We are responsible for our own emotions and our own life. Daily meditation, a positive attitude, lots of affection between us and our son and healthy cuisine is what keeps us going.

How do you see the culture of yoga progressing or changing in our culture?
Yoga is no longer confused for "Yogurt" as it was in the 90s. Yoga is becoming an intricate part of people's life, like brushing their teeth. From Dubai to Jamaica to Moscow, Yoga is a word spoken daily. I think people that are behind the scene of promotion and selling yoga products, services and lifestyle, should not forget about their own spiritual and physical practice.

How do you think people can manifest healthier relationships?
Non-Violent Communication does magic! I am also a relationship coach and I have learned that most couples don't have problems, they create problems so that they can blame the other person for their own misery. Owning your feelings, understanding the real needs behind the emotions and learning how to express them while setting clear boundaries is a good start for a healthy relationship.

Do you believe in Destiny?
I spent my life thinking NO WAY. There is not such a thing as destiny, we create it. However at this point of my life, I feel there is a pull beyond our own understanding. Could we call it Destiny? Maybe, yet I like to think we maintain some sort of free will with every choice we make.

Sophie Parienti is the co-founder of Yogi Times


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