Featured Contributor: Chris Grosso

Chris Grosso

Author of Indie Spiritualist:
A No-Bullshit Exploration of Spirituality
(Atria/Simon & Schuster)

East Haddam/Ottawa (I'm split between the two)


I created the website TheIndieSpiritualist.com as a place for people who were not only interested in spirituality, but also independent culture (film, music, literature and so forth.) I’ve been honored to feature a really eclectic mix of interviews from spiritual folks like Krishna Das and Robert Thurman to bands/musicians like Deftones, Atmosphere, Henry Rollins, actors/comedians like Danny Trejo, Demetri Martin, Lisa Lampanelli, skateboarders like Christian Hosoi, Mike Vallely and many more. So it’s a place to celebrate all of it— malas, skateboards, hip hop, mantras, punk/hardcore, kirtan, meditation, comedy, humor, horror and more.


What is your goal, passion or purpose right now in life?

To let people know that no matter where they’ve been in life, or where they currently may be, there’s always hope, and I try to do this through sharing my own experience with addiction (which brought me to the brink of death, and more than once,) recovery, strength and hope… because not to sound like an afterschool special, but there’s always hope!


Where does your creativity come from?

Any and everywhere. It could be as simple as a random thought that hits me while I’m out jogging, or from mindfully looking at a flowers, bugs, and nature in general. Hell, sometimes it even comes from watching skateboarding and horror films. I do my best to keep my heart and mind open to all of life and for me, that’s what allows the creativity (albeit often abstract creativity) to flow.


What is your opinion of Love/relationship as seen in our culture today?

Honestly, it seems to me like there’s a shift in people feeling empowered in being single and that it’s okay to be on your own, and I think that’s awesome. Of course relationships are beautiful thing. I mean I’m married, so obviously that had to start somewhere, but there’s still the underlying belief in popular culture that you “need” to be with someone in order to be complete, but that’s definitely not the case. It seems like a lot of people rush into relationships just so they’re not “alone,” but it isn’t until someone is okay actually being alone with themselves that they can truly bring their healthiest self (mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically) into a relationship. I’m no love expert though, so that’s just my two cents.

What is your music about?

Well I’m involved in numerous endeavors from solo ambient/acoustic stuff to a two-piece kirtan band with New World Library author Alanna Kaivalya. I also a two-piece drone/doom metal band called Womb Of The Desert Sun so I’m eclectic in my styles for sure. The common denominator in all of it however is that when it all comes full circle, it begins and ends with my heart center, every time.


Do you believe in Destiny?

I’d have to say the verdict is still out on that for me, though I do believe there are no such things as coincidences. I will also say that I know in my heart that I’ve known my wife before this round of “birth” and “death”… so there’s that.



Alanna Kaivalya & Chris Grosso “In The Sun/Om Mani Padme Hum”


Womb Of The Desert Sun: “Invocation”:

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