Yogi Tunes

Ashland, Oregon

What is the inspiration behind Yogi Tunes?Alex King-Harris Founder/CEO

To provide yoga teachers and other wellness professionals (massage, tai chi, meditation, etc.) with the best selections of sequenced music possible, and to inspire wellness within ourselves and our communities through the power of music.

What can people experience through Yogi Tunes?
A simple, no-nonsense solution to keeping your professional music collection constantly fresh and your library of owned songs & mixes growing. An immense, hand-picked library of top quality music from all over the world. An easy way to discover great independent artists. A great way to support those artists so they can create more for you!

What is the latest trend or best selling product on Yogi Tunes?
The best selling product is the Yin LoveMaker's Mix which my wife was the selecta (chooses the songs) and I mixed it. I think we need to do a series of these~!
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Picture below shows DJ RaRa (Founder/CEO Alex King-Harris)
playing live music in-class
Yogi Tunes Alex King-Harris a.k.a. DJ Rara


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