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» OmSingles on a french blog
Date 08-24-2013 | News | the zen online dating site is written about on a French blog.

» The New Rules of Web Dating
Date 12-11-2012 | News |

Forget everything you’ve heard about digital dating. When it comes to love online, all the rules have changed. It started innocently enough, you read the profile, liked the photo, checked the website’s compatibility score to see if you were a match and voila! You’re with said soul mate for the rest of your life, living gloriously and happily ever after…

» writes:
Date 09-28-2012 | News |

You’re single and you know it. I have been actively involved in the world of blogging for a little over six months and what I’ve come to realize is that there are a lot of singles reading, writing and commenting on most blogs.

» writes
Date 09-28-2012 | News |

I don’t know if you feel the same way as I do, but I’m pretty sick and tired of the dating scene. I find someone that I think is compatible and, all of a sudden my yoga class becomes an issue. Questions like: Do I really need to go to yoga…again? What do you do in a yoga class, anyway? Can you show me some of those poses?

» Singles Chat
Date 08-20-2012 | Views  9330 | News |

Singles Chat Your perfect match could be waiting to hear from you, so why sit around wondering? Don’t wait!

» Membership upgrade
Date 08-20-2012 | Views  1047 | News |

Membership Upgrade is FREE to join and FREE to browse the profiles of our local and worldwide members. Upgrade to unleash the benefits...

» OmSingles - Register and browse for FREE
Date 07-24-2013 | Views  15330 | News |

Register for FREE OMSINGLES.COM – Where active singles love to meet. Getting started on OMSINGLES.COM is easy – and FREE!

» OmSingles Corporation announces
Date 11-02-2013 | Views  11902 | News |

OMSINGLES.COM is the most popular destination where fabulously fit, active and health conscious singles love to meet.


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