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HURRY! Find a Lost Love and Be Reunited with them on TV

HURRY! Find a Lost Love and Be Reunited with them on TV

Date 2014-01-03 06:49:48

Hi Friends, I just got off the phone with the Casting Agent for this new television series, ReUnited. Her name is Carissa Antine, a Casting Associate at City Media Ent, an acclaimed television production company. Her company has booked people onto The Biggest Loser. Carissa personally found and booked the eventual the $2+ million winners for The Million Second Quiz. Do you want to be on TV? Do you want a second chance at love? Here’s How it Works - PLEASE READ ALL THE DETAILS CAREFULLY They are want applicants who are single between the age of 30 55, who are looking for someone they can’t find. For example, it could be college girlfriend, boyfriend who went to the Marines and lost touch, your first kiss etc. It has to be someone you never got out of your head and don’t know how to locate (so the other person can’t just be on Facebook or someone you only met online.) The production company will find the other person by the help of a private investigator and both parties must be currently singe and willing to participate. She assured me they will have experts on site to deal with any situation that occurs. Of course, there are no guarantees of what will happen after they find your lost love and you meet. There are no guarantees that you will be chosen for the show, but why not take a chance? All you have to do is email Carissa the information below and you MUST tell her that I (Annette) referred you to her. (Because I will get compensated if they choose you. Plus, I might get to be the host of the show!) If you are casted for the show, you will be compensated and it will be filmed in your hometown. Your “lost love" will be flown to your hometown and all their expenses will be paid by the production company. They will also be compensated. They are going to film the show in February, so if you are interested apply NOW. You don’t need an actor card. They want real people with real stories. You can apply yourself or nominate someone (but please tell them and get their permission). I suggest that you write a positive, heart-rending story that might capture the interest of viewers, such that everyone would be rooting for you. Don’t be pathetic, whiny or sound like a victim. Sorry, I just had to say that. Here’s the details from Carissa: CASTING NOTICE: For a major cable network comes an inspiring new series… • Do you have a great story about the one who “got away”? • Do you have someone from your past who you’ve never gotten over? • Do you remember your first love? Was it your high school sweet heart? • What if you could reconnect with the one who got away? • Can you ever have the connection you once had? We are casting real, dynamic and outgoing people who want to reconnect with lost loves! There are lots of stories where past loves have rekindled their romance and lived happily ever after - could this be you? Take this opportunity of a lifetime to see how “what if” pans out. Take a leap of faith! Are you ready for a second chance at love? We are searching nationwide for single men and women who would love to reconnect with the ones they never got over for this new, inspirational series. To be considered, or to nominate someone, please write us at with the following information: • Name • Age* • Occupation • City/state • A short bio • A brief story about you and your lost love • Also, please send us 2 non professional pics of yourself and two of you and your lost love That’s it. If this moves you, take a chance!! You never know if you’ll find your long lost SoulMate! I am sending this to everyone I know, single or coupled and asking you to forward this to anyone you know who might want this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

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