loving integrated soul

Zodiac: Leo

My line of work: energy healer, artisan

My creative talent: Service to humanity



Date 2014-04-16 18:48:46


Unfathomable ... and, yet... fathomable.

The exquisite, unending Song of all Existence.
Underlying all, like a holy meditation of the divine.

A pendulum of the perfected balance.
The harmonious tension...
Sumptuous in It's embrace.


It is a divine 'knowing' with which to unlock all the mysteries of the multi-verse... to unlock the mysteries of the soul. There is nothing that can be unknown ... for all the answers are here.

Through out the day and stillness of the night, there is the surfing of the Om... that divine music of the sphere's... higher and higher into those most rarified realms... which forever plays a most melodious sound...

~ veggiemystic


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