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Questions that allow the opportunity for self-reflection we feel serve as an important first step on the journey towards love. They help singles to understand themselves better, therefore enabling personal growth, happiness and success in the complicated world of dating.

Like-minded zensters share a similar language and understands that language. Our site asks members to portray themselves creatively, in addition to their professional or statistical identities. We ask questions that take them, and their potential matches, on a journey of shared understanding. This to becomes a powerful connecting force where we bring out the human BEING in our members, and not the human statistic.

“How do you connect to zen” and “are you inspired in life” are a couple of questions that take members beyond the typical dating mentality. We don’t feel it is that important to focus on a ‘staged activity’ and we think the zen-minded single probably doesn’t either. There is plenty of opportunity for our matches to discuss those areas amongst themselves, later. We bring out the beauty in each person, and care about shared attitudes and endless possibilities that exist, but are currently obscured in mainstream venues. The fact that one will find their true love on is in our opinion an added bonus. The journey itself is also worth the ride!

To join our site and fast growing community, sign on! The questionnaire is strategically designed and we ask for your cooperation in filling it out. The answers are needed for our updated technology purposes so please answer them to the best of your ability and remember that shortly after, there is a like-minded match waiting to meet you!

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